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liblvt Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AnimatorAbstract base class for animating portions of a scene graph
AppAbstract LVT Application object
AutoSwitchAutomatic switching between child objects
BlendingControls blending
BoundingBoxAn axis-aligned bounding box
CameraA camera in 3-space
CircleA disc in the z=0 plane
Circle2DA two-dimensional circle
CubeA rectangular prism
CullingControls backface culling
CurveA Bezier curve
DepthTestControls depth testing
ExaminerTranslates mouse movement into a rotation
GroupGroups related scene graph nodes together
InputHandlerTakes some action in response to an input message
LightEncapsulates an OpenGL light
MaterialSets material properties
MatrixA 4x4 homogeneous matrix
MatrixModeSelects the current OpenGL matrix
MD2ModelAn MD2 (Quake 2) Model
MenuA pop-up menu
MeshA triangle mesh
NodeAbstract base class representing a scene graph node
OrthographicCameraAn orthographic camera
PerspectiveCameraA perspective camera
PlaneA plane in 3-space
PrimitiveA variable-vertex primitive
QuadricA quadric surface
Rectangle2DA two-dimensional rectangle
RotationPerforms a rotation about an arbitrary axis
RotatorRotates a portion of a scene graph over time
ScaleScales a scene graph
SeparatorSeparates child objects from the rest of a scene graph
ShaderA GLSL shader program
ShapeAbstract base class representing a three-dimensional shape
Shape2DAbstract base class representing a 2D object
ShuttleMoves a portion of a scene graph along a specified circuit
StateChanges, enables, or disables part of the OpenGL state
StencilTestControls stencil testing
SwitchGroups objects and selects one of those objects for rendering
TeapotThe Utah teapot
TetrahedronA tetrahedron (4-sided regular polyhedron)
TexEnvControls how texture values are interpreted when texturing a fragment
TexGenControls texture coordinate generation
TextureAbstract base class for an OpenGL texture
Texture1DOne-dimensional texture object
Texture2DTwo-dimensional texture object
TextureStateAbstract base class for objects affecting the current texture state
TransformPerforms a scale, rotation, and translation, in that order
TranslationPerforms a translation
Triangle2DA two-dimensional triangle
Vec3D Homogeneous vector
WndA toplevel window

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