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OrthographicCamera Class Reference
[Scene Graph]

#include <lvt/Camera.h>

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Detailed Description

An orthographic camera.

Public Member Functions

virtual void FitToWnd (int width, int height)
 Adjusts the camera to fit the shape of a window.
virtual void Render ()
 "Draws" the camera
void SetOrtho (float left, float right, float bottom, float top, float near, float far)
 Sets the Orthographic projection parameters.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void FitToWnd int  width,
int  height

Adjusts the camera to fit the shape of a window.

When a camera is attached to a Wnd via Wnd::AdjustCamera, the Wnd object will call this member function when it is resized.

It is not usually necessary to call this method manually.

Implements Camera.

virtual void Render  )  [virtual]

"Draws" the camera

Sets the view on the scene, and initializes the OpenGL projection matrix.

Implements Camera.

void SetOrtho float  left,
float  right,
float  bottom,
float  top,
float  near,
float  far

Sets the Orthographic projection parameters.

The arguments are the same as those to the glOrtho function.

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